Competitions Results

Final 2015 Flying Comp Day:

The day looked like it could turn for the worst but as luck would have it it remained consistent  through out  the competition, a North Easterly 5 to 8 knots with some Easterly gusts and some sink at the end of the runway to the North.
The competition consisted of:
Circuit 1
Short field takeoff
1000′ circuit with failed elevator
Short field approach
Circuit 2
Stuck throttle on upwind
500′ circuit
Package drop
Circuit 3
Fastest circuit back to field
11 intrepid competitors took up the challenge the results were based on three sub sections, the competition flying as judged by Michael, the second was how close you could drop a “Food!” package to a designated spot (good practice as you never know when this skill could be called upon) and third how quickly you could land safely from a designated point to a particular spot on runway (safety rules applied), good training if ever caught out say by an approaching thunder storm, paniced passenger or several blinking warning lights.
The Results Are:
1. P McTaggart
Survival Ration Drop
1. M Dredge
Get Back-itis
1. C Salvador
The full listing of reuslts are:
Position             Flying   Food drop   Beating the storm
1 P Mctaggart      1           8                 2
2 C Salivdor          7          4                1
3 M Dredge           4          1                 6
4 P Hobson           2          6                 5
5 P Jones              6          2                 7
6 T Walshe            5          7                 3
7 F Weiss              3          9                 4
8 B Clout               8          11               6
9 G Patterson       9            3               9
10 A Manley         11          5               11
11 M Rahme         10         10              10
Interesting the range of talents found in our members..
Of special thanks should go to Carol Walshe who through out they years is always on hand to ensure our food is ready and to Alan Manly who was the BBQ champion on the day.
Also special thanks to Michael who officiated all our competitions this year and surprisingly wants to do it again next year, thanks Michael.
Next year Phill Jones  will replace me as co Club Captain with Trevor as I will be moving to Tasmania, so from me I would like to thank all the members that I have come into contact with, it has been a great journey one that will be with me forever. I will try to keep in touch when on the coast so see you then.
Well, as we come to the end of the year, both Trevor & I would like to wish you and your families all the best for the festive season & safe flying to all.
Fred Weiss & Trevor Walshe
co Club Captains.

  • June 2015 Competition

    The day was perfect for flying, with a slight southerly breeze and smooth air.

    There were 11 competitors, which is a very high turnout. Aircraft availability issues delayed the start and with so many competing, the day went quite late.

    Congratulations to the winner, Connor Salvador, the CCAC’s young top gun who has featured in local news recently for completing his first solo aged only 15. He can add winning the club’s competition this month to his growing list of impressive flight achievements.

The program was:

  • Soft-field take-off climb to 2,000 feet (reduced in the air to 1,500 feet) upwind.
  • Glide approach form 2.000 feet land at clubhouse
  • Touch & go
  • 500 foot circuit at 70 knots, flapless, land at clubhouse
  • Touch & go
  • 500′ circuit using 20 degrees of flap downwind, judging altitude at 500 feet without using the altimeter.
  • Shortfield landing at clubhouse with full stop.
  • Extra points for correct crosswind technique
June Results
1stConnor Salvador
2ndFred Weiss
3rdBrian Potts
  • May 2015 Competition

    The day was a complete change from the previous competition that had to be cancelled due to the extreme crosswinds.

    The weather was great for competition, with a slight southerly and plenty of sunshine with occasional cloud cover.

The program was:

  • Soft-field take-off  and a circuit at 1,000 feet
  • Glide approach
  • Spot landing
  • Touch & go
  • 500′ circuit using 20 degrees of flap downwind, judging altitude at 500 feet without using the altimeter
  • Flapless landing
  • Spot landing
  • Touch and go
  • 500 foot circuit at 65 knots
  • Short field landing outside the clubhouse
April Results
1stFred Weiss
2ndPeter Hobson
3rdGeorge Patterson
  • April 2015 Competition

    Due to the recent changes with Warnervale Air and the Central Coast Aero Club the competition for February, March and the second week in April were put on hold. On the 26th April we held our first competition for 2015. We will be competing every two weeks until we catch up with the usual second Sunday of each month.

    The day was reasonably fine with a strong southerly and occasional changes westerly crosswinds make for interesting flying. Many thanks to our new judge, CCAC flight instructor Michael Lawrence, who trained with us. Michael’s calm and pleasant demeanor judging the competition was welcome.

The program was:

  • Short field take-off
  • Instrument climb under hood as directed
  • Hood off at 1,500′ simulated engine failure
  • Glide approach – Spot landing abeam the club house
  • Touch & Go
  • Low level LH circuit – 80 kts indicated on downwind
  • Spot landing abeam the clubhouse
  • Touch & Go
  • Low level LH circuit (blind – guess height on downwind)
  • Flapless approach, Spot landing, Abeam the clubhouse
  • Full stop
  • Extra points for correct crosswind technique
April Results
1stFred Weiss
2ndPeter McTaggert
3rdG Paterson