Flight Instructor Rating

Take your aviation ability to the next level so you can teach others how to take to the skies. The Central Coast Aero Club specialises in training flight instructors and has earned a reputation across Australia for producing high quality graduates.

Flight Instructor Briefing

An instructor rating unlocks your CPL, allowing you to work your way through the ranks of instructor grades. This challenging, yet fun course will help you see aviation in a way you never have before.

Learn to share the experience of aviation with others with the potential for a lifelong career with a Central Coast Aero Club Flight Instructor Rating.

Requirements to earn a Flight Instructor Rating:

  • Minimum hours: 200
  • Typical hours: 50 on top of your existing hours
  • Hold a CPL and Spin Flight Activity endorsement

Cost Estimate:

  • $ 23,500 per person

Courses run throughout the year, contact us to enquire about the next course start date.