Our Philosophy

At the Central Coast Aero Club, we make learning to fly achievable for everyone.

Our experienced and friendly flight instructors put safety and airmanship first. They’ll show you that with a little commitment and your passion for flying, becoming a pilot can be as easy and fun as it is exciting.

Anyone of any age can learn to fly, but you need to be 15 years of age or older and pass a basic medical exam and English test to fly solo. Age is no barrier in any direction.

With the option of either pay-as-you-go or special package rates, our flight training means that whether you want to earn your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) or Private Pilot Licence (PPL) for an exciting hobby, or continue your training to achieve your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) – you can focus on earning your wings in your own time, without worrying about another debt to pay off.

  • Trial Instructional Flight

    It all starts with a trial instructional flight. You’ll take the controls with a qualified instructor by your side. Your first time at the controls of an aircraft will see you learn to taxi the plane on the ground, take-off, climb and turn in the skies above the Central Coast. You can even have a go at guiding the plane in for landing, although your instructor will probably lend a hand via the dual control set-up.

  • First Solo

    This is the first major milestone in any pilot’s career and is one that sticks with you for your entire life. All of the training up to this point has been in preparation for you to handle to aircraft on your own. When your instructor feels that you are at the right standard, they will hop out of the aircraft and allow you to fly a circuit all by yourself. The feeling is extraordinary, it feels like freedom! The first solo generally take 15-20 hours to achieve.

  • Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

    From the first solo, you will begin training for your RPL. This usually takes around 40 hours, with the flexibility of moving through the course at your own pace so you have control of your budget. Whether you fly multiple times per week, or just once a month, you’ll have unforgettable experiences including your first area solo flight, which is the first time you are able to fly away from the airport within our training area alone. The RPL allows you to fly up to 25 nm from your departure airport with only one passenger. You can add endorsements onto the RPL to remove certain restrictions, such as a navigation endorsement so you can fly anywhere in Australia. If you want more out of your flying, why not progress to the Private Pilot’s Licence!

  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

    The next step is your PPL, a qualification that opens up the sky across Australia and the world. A series of navigation training flights, both with an instructor and solo as pilot-in-command will take you to destinations across NSW as you work toward this rewarding achievement.

  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

    The CPL really opens up your world in aviation. With a CPL, you’re allowed to be employed as a pilot. Whether you want to go out in to the heart of Australia and do some bush flying, join an airline or conduct scenic flights around the Great Barrier Reef, your options are boundless with a CPL. On top of this licence you can add further ratings, such as a night VFR rating allowing you to fly at night, an instrument rating allowing you to fly in cloud or an instructor rating allowing you to teach future generations of pilots. Your world is truly expanded with a CPL from the Central Coast Aero Club.