Retractable Undercarriage Endorsement

Aircraft with retractable undercarriage experience less drag and generally perform better than fixed undercarriage aircraft. Less drag often means greater speeds and better fuel consumption for larger flight ranges. Becoming proficient in more complex types, such as those with a retractable undercarriage is a rewarding achievement, and generally makes you more attractive to potential employers.

Retractable Undercarriage

Retractable Undercarriage

A retractable undercarriage endorsement allows you to pilot hundreds more types of aircraft, including the Central Coast Aero Club’s Piper Arrow.


  • Typical hours: 1.5 on top of your existing hours

Total Cost:

(Prices and times are based on average hours taken to complete the course. Additional hours required will need to be paid in addition to this price)

Aircraft & RateAverage HoursPriceTotal Cost
Piper Arrow Dual3$540$1620
Ground Briefing1$120
Combined Retractable Undercarriage and Manual Propeller Pitch Control Course+$1,400

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