Why it’s worth the drive to the Central Coast for flight training

Why it's worth the drive to the Central Coast for flight training

If you live in Sydney or the Hunter and are looking to start working toward a Recreational Pilots Licence or take the next step to a Private Pilots Licence, Commercial Pilots Licence or even an Instructor Rating, you should consider why many aviators from your area make the short, easy trip to the Central Coast Aero Club for flight training.

The Central Coast Aero Club is located only a couple of minutes from the Warnervale exit of the M1 Motorway, which is less than an hour’s drive from Sydney’s northern suburbs, the Hunter Valley or Newcastle. Here are five reasons it’s worth the drive to the Central Coast Aero Club, compared to more expensive flight schools at more congested airports at Cessnock, Bankstown and Camden:


The Central Coast Aero Club charges less for instruction and aircraft hire than the vast majority of flying schools in Sydney and the Hunter. Just check out our hourly rates and compare to what you’re paying now – then factor that across your entire aviation training and you’ll quickly see that even with the drive, the Central Coast Aero Club comes out in front.


You get access to our lower hourly rates on a pay-as-you-go basis. We will never ask you to pay thousands of dollars up front for an RPL, PPL or CPL. Many flight schools quote an up front figure that’s based on CASA’s minumum hours for each licence and endorsement, but most people need more time and end up paying over and above the up front cost at an hourly rate. Pay-as-you-go means you can set your pace and your budget.


Warnervale Airport is far less congested than busier airports. Unlike students of flight schools at Cessnock, Bankstown and Camden, more of the hour you’re paying for will be in the air, instead of sitting on the ground waiting to take-off.


The Central Coast Aero Club’s training area is above the beaches, lakes and hills of the Central Coast. You’ll enjoy spectacular scenery for an unforgettable flight training experience. You won’t have to use up the time you’re paying for flying to the training area like you do at Bankstown or many other airports, Warnervale Airport is in the training zone. We are less than half an hour’s flight from every type of airspace in Australia.


The Central Coast Aero Club’s instructors have tens of thousands of hours of flight time between them. They have taught thousands of pilots across Australia, you’ll find our students in command of Air Force fighter jets and Qantas A380. Australian Red Bull air racing pilot Matt Hall started his flight training with us. We are a CASA approved flight training provider and our instructors keep their skills up to date through membership of the Australian Association of Flight Instructors.

To find out more about flight training at the Central Coast Aero Club and how our RPL, PPL, CPL, Instructor Rating and other endorsements can work for you, call 02 4392 5174 or email us here.